Do you need to reside in Spain to order?


Alpha-study, from the beginning of its activity provides worldwide services through its online secure payment platform and studied conducting process orders.

Can we apply any services that havepartially performed?


Alpha-study each customer is unique and therefore each case will be considered on each case.

Is there anyminimum limitordering?


The minimum number of images will be studied in each case, but goes around the complexity of the request.

Im having problems with the courses register?


If you have any problems with the registration of the courses; we have an email contact through which we can quickly solve the problem. Contact us here.

Are all the operating systems supported on your courses?


The supported operating systems are Windows and Mac OX. Is preferable the Windows operating system because Mac OX does not have the same tools and utilities.

Is it necessary to bring our computer?


Each student must bring his team of computer and mouse, as well as relevantprogram to the course that will be performed.

Is there a minimum number of students per course?


The minimum number of students per class is 7 students, although individual cases will be studied.

What happens if finally courses aren’t performed?


If finally there is no courses, which will be notified at least five days in advance, we keep the place in the course for the student on the next course of Alpha-Estudio.

Where are the classroom courses?


Our headquarters is located in Madrid, which is where we did the instructor-led courses. We also drove out of Madrid to offer courses to groups in universities and companies.

How do you contract a service?


Please make sure to fill out the contact form, explaining the project to perform. In brief we will get in touch.

How can i get a course online?


If the course is free, you have free access to do it. Otherwise you must purchase it by making the purchase and registration online.