BIM Implementation

  • Audit BIM
  • Support Project


  • Solar influence Analysis
  • Energy Analysis
  • Structural analysis and design
  • Analysis and design facilities

Coordination and Strategy

  • BIM Coordination and Strategy
  • BIM for manufacturing and prefabrication
  • Crash detection

BIM Implementation Strategy

A formal implementation strategy is an essential component for any BIM deployment is satisfactory , and should go beyond a mere program training and deployment. Front should respond to organizational changes and workflow inherent in BIM .
The implementation strategy must also address how the new solution initially coexist with 2D design applications and 3D modeling. Leaving from massively these design applications that will be replaced is impractical and often unwise , but as extending the implementation , the strategy could also include plans for the phased withdrawal of older systems , if necessary.
Companies should analyze how they can access the information model by building related applications same as energy analysis , cost estimates and specifications. More specifically, analyzing the work must make today to coincide with existing tools.
For companies that carry out large projects , the strategy of implementation should include a set of guidelines for creating and working with models large ( additional hardware requirements , techniques to reduce the complexity of the models , etc . ) .

What is needed

As BIM represents a new approach to the design of buildings (not just implementation of a new technology supporting ) , companies should pay attention to the composition of the transition team . The team should consist of individuals agile and open to change, to understand the big picture and act BIM as evangelizers .
Your team should come from across the organization and be a reflection of changes processes underlying BIM generated . In addition , its user community should extend beyond the central core formed by CAD operators . of Indeed , it should be put to work to their best CAD operators in a solution as Revit Architecture , should put their best architects and designers buildings